Wednesday, November 17, 2010

iTune$ and the Beatle$

When Apple announced the Beatles were coming to iTunes, my first reaction was “Who the hell cares?” Let’s face it, if you were into the Beatles you purchased the box set, the USB apple, and you’ve been to Vegas for the neutered Cirque de Soleil trip. Until the Beatles discovered drugs, they were a singles band. So iTunes and the Beatles are a perfect fit. By marketing to singles, iTunes has destroyed the concept of the album by allowing non-single tracks to be downloaded. Of course, this is only an issue if you care about the album as an artistic artifact. Something tells me that Steve Jobs' main concern isn't art. In fact the announcement was met in the NY Times by an article on the third page of the Business section!

In the end business is all this announcement means, more business for Apple, more more cash for the Beatles, more time until EMI goes bankrupt, and more consumers duped into buying the same old music over and over again.